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We want to provide a blog where authors and self-publishers can come to receive valuable information that will help the likes of budding new comers & pro’s to reach the success they truly deserve.

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So if you think you can deliver great content which will be read by a thriving audience who share the same passion and interests, we would love to hear from you.

Please read through the writing and submission guidelines to get your articles approved on Breeze Books.

So, what about the content?

Well we believe that the best content comes from what the writer prefers to write about. Therefore we simply let you write…

We don’t specifically have a minimum number of words per post, however to get your point across in a detailed manner, you should aim to write about 800+ words. We also will let you include any videos, images & screenshots to help boost your post.

All content must be original and not published online anywhere else!

What do you want from me?

We will promote your post on our social media sites however we expect you to promote your post to your email list. We also ask you to promote your post to your social media followers.

What will I gain?

We generate hundreds of visitors to our blog posts every day therefore first and foremost you will gain exposure. We will also include your author bio at the bottom of your post which will also advertise your website and social media profiles.

In addition to this you will also receive 20% off any Breeze Books services; book cover design, kindle conversion…

So all in all a win-win 😉

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You can get in touch via the contact form below. Simply drop as a message together with a brief description about the topic or topics you are going to write and we shall go from there.

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