How to Write and Publish a Non-Fiction Book on Amazon in 90 Days

Can you write a book? Yes! Everybody has at least one book in them.

How long does it take? Depends on who you ask. I believe you can write a book in 90 days or less AND publish it on Amazon, iBooks, Nook.

It has never been easier to self-publish a book, no longer do you need to invest £1000’s and years of your life. All you need is 1 hour a day for 90 days and £100.

Why write a book?

Brain Tracy, motivational speaker and author of over 65 books, gives three reasons why you should write a book;

  • It’s a skill you can master – Just like riding a bike, writing a book is a skill you can master.
  • Instant credibility booster – It is one of the fastest ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Share your message – Publish a book on a subject that is important to you and reach more people.

What should I write about?

Pick a subject you are passionate about. You may be interested in cars, fishing, golf, shopping, accounting, drawing, it doesn’t matter; as long as your passion, desire and hunger is there your readers will be inspired by it.

The Plan

Many notable people, including Napoleon Hill and Benjamin Franklin have said; “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”. Just like building a house, the plan is the foundation to your success.

With more and more sources (TV, magazines, social media) craving our attention the demand for short, to-the-point books has increased. This is what our audience want, this is what we will give them. The average book contains around 45,000 words, your book will be 1/3 the size at 15,000 words.

Break it down

15,000 may sound overwhelming, but breaking it down into 200 word chunks the book becomes more realistic. Here’s how I do it;

  • The book has 12 chapters plus introduction and conclusion
  • Each chapter will be 1200 words
  • The chapters will follow the same structure; an intro and 5 sections (200 words for each = 1200 words)
  • 12 chapters @ 1200 words + Intro 500 words + conclusion 500 words = 15400

Take your chosen subject, my current one is leadership, and pick 12 major areas, these will be your chapters. Divide the chapter into 5 subsections – you will write 200 words on each plus 200 words for the chapter introduction.

Make sure you have all 12 chapters divided into 5 sections and have all this written down before you begin writing – remember what I said about the plan being the foundation to your success. Here’s the plan of my first chapter on Leadership;

Intro – Why we need it (200 words)
Why? – The reason why you want to achieve your goal (200 words)
Communicate – the importance of spreading your message (200 words)
Community – Building a group of likeminded people (200 words)
Big Picture – Focus on the end result (200 words)
Goals – Work backwards from the Vision (200 Words)

Focus on the intro and conclusion when all 12 chapters have been written – leave them until the end. The plan should take you around 2 days work at 1 hour per day – only 88 days left.


To finish and publish the book in 90 days you will need to write 200 words every day, on a good day this could take you 10 minutes however if you have an episode of writers block it could be up to an hour.

12 chapters @ 1200 words = 14400

@200 words per day = 72 days

Introduction and conclusion 1000 words = 5 days

11 days left!

To write the introduction, tell your audience what you are going to be discussing. To write the conclusion, summarise what you’ve talked about, plus highlight the key points.


This can be done while you are writing. Ask a friend who is a grammar and spelling fanatic to proof read and edit your book for a mention in the acknowledgements. When you finish a chapter print it off and had it over to them, edit the corrections and give it to them again. When you have done this twice your chapter is finish!

Still 11 days left – editing is ongoing therefore doesn’t take up extra time.


In order for your book to look great both in print and on an e-reader, it must be formatted correctly. To do this I was looking for a publishing design company that knew exactly what I wanted. I contacted Samuel at Breeze Books and within a few days I had the fees ready to upload to KDP & CreateSpace.

Breeze Books Fiverr profile –

9 days left!

Book Cover

The formatting must be finished before you start on the cover as the it changes how many pages the book has, in turn this changes the size of the artwork. For book cover artwork I use where you pay anywhere between £4 and £100.

Here’s who I use –

The artwork will take 5 days.

4 days left!

KDP and Createspace

Now you have everything you need to upload onto Amazon. KDP is Amazon’s Kindle publishing site, you can log on using your Amazon account, here’s the link –

Follow the onscreen instructions and fill out the boxes, if you need help check out the Udemy course I linked to earlier.

Createspace is an Amazon company that prints your books on demand (as they are ordered) this saves you from buying 1000’s of copies. When a customer purchases your print book from Amazon, Createspace will print and ship to their address, saving you time and money!

You will need to create a new account and follow the on-screen instructions.

Here’s the Createspace site –

Uploading to KDP and Createspace will take 2 hours.

2 days left!

The Waiting Game

You’ve done all you can do, now it’s down to Amazon. It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours for your book to go live. When it does you are officially an Author!


Go wild!

Consider your next move?

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