Daisy Chains

Jennifer approached me on Fiverr, needing some help on her up-and-coming novel “Daisy Chains“.

Jennifer needed a whole new revamp to help boost her sales – A new cover and a professional re-designed Kindle file was on the cards. As you will see from the gallery below a clean, minimal but yet powerful cover and mobi file was produced and the client was left 100% satisfied.


Samuel Breeze
Founder & entrepreneur Samuel Breeze has more than 10 years’ experience in print and design publishing including manuscript editing, book and magazine design, typesetting, layout, and ebook coding and development where he worked at a top design agency based in Soho, London. The skills he learned made him start up his own design & publishing agency ‘Breeze Books’ where he has helped hundreds of authors make their dreams come true and become best-sellers.