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free google fonts

Top 10 Free Fonts You Should Be Using When Writing a Book

Free fonts are everywhere, but how do authors know which ones to use for their books? Book design starts with typography, and one of the biggest decisions and headaches you’ll face is choosing the text typeface.…

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advice when writing a book

Advice Is Everywhere When Writing a Book

Advice is everywhere. Whatever you’re doing, whatever your hobby or passion the internet is overflowing with advice and it’s no different for writers. Everyone is telling us what we must or must not do. It’s easy to…

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will books become extinct

Why Story Survived Evolution

Will books become extinct? In 2015, the publishing industry generated $27.78 billion in net revenue in the US alone. That’s a lot of books, and I mean A LOT of books. Which translates to a lot of…

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Should you dress like a writer? or dress like one of your characters?

Writers are not actors, but sometimes we need to get into character to better understand them. We can dress like them, maybe go to a bar we imagine they would go to. Always have something to…

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The 5 Golden Tips When Writing a Self-help Book

Until I actually decided to put pen to paper, I didn’t realise just what a huge responsibility I would feel when writing a self-help book that was designed to help my readers. In fact, as I…

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