Hey, I’m Samuel!

Who is Samuel Breeze?

I’m a quirky guy in my twenties who loves to design and create book covers for authors.

I graduated from college with a key eye for design and went to work for some amazing graphic design agencies but instead of following my love for design I turned for a career in payroll. At this point things where going great and I had no plans to leave—but there are some parts of life we can’t control.

I lost a special someone very close to me.

How Breeze Books began

It’s not until something happens in your life that you understand just how short life really is!

Now with a new look on life I looked at ways I could quit my 9-5 job—when one day I stumbled across ways one can create and sell books on Amazon’s Kindle Store.

aha moment

With my passion and love for design and eagerness to help people Breeze Books was formed.

The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.

― Robert F. Kennedy

Why I do what I do

I want to bring sexy back

When I started Breeze Books back in 2015, my goal was simple: to create beautiful, professional looking book covers for authors wanting that extra spark.

It’s genuinely not all about the money. For me—it’s all about the FREEDOM and time that my own business creates so I can meet and speak to new and already established authors.

With this said, for select months out of the year, I give a portion of my profits back to charities + causes that are important to me.

Let’s create something amazing.